Indigenous Advisor

Every First Nation needs a technical resource on its side to advocate for its interests. As an Indigenous Advisor, LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. understands that each First Nation community is the expert and knowledge holder of their land. LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. clearly understands that each community is unique with differing priorities and has a natural ability and ease of liaising and communicating with Chiefs, Council and community members. 

Each First Nation has a vision for the future of its communities. LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. offers a value-added service to assist with the implementation of projects to determine what works and what doesn’t and develop viable solutions that work for the First Nation.  LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. is a trusted Indigenous Advisor providing open, transparent, and balanced communication regarding the potential impacts on First Nation Communities, both positive and negative, that could happen during the assessment, infrastructure, and development projects. 

We understand that the meaning of Indigenous Knowledge and community feedback is often misunderstood by proponents, consultants, and governments during consultation. LBS Environmental Consulting uses an interdisciplinary scientific lens and understanding of a client’s wishes to advocate for community interests. We understand that the scientific and technical jargon of engineering and development reports can be confusing. LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. brings it down to basics, concentrating on translating technical data and analysis into practical information from which the Chief and Council and Community can make better-informed decisions. 

Our goal as an Indigenous Advisor is to ensure the integration of Indigenous and traditional knowledge and Chief and Council decisions collectively and collaboratively uplift First Nations toward partnership, ownership, and independence.

LBS Environmental Consulting’s Indigenous Advisor Services include:

  • Project management and/or coordination.
  • Relationship development.
  • Advise First Nation on the best course of action to limit liability and cost overruns.
  • Advocate for First Nation interests to maximize community benefits from projects.
  • Development of presentation of workshops and briefing notes. 
  • Government policy and legislation review.
  • Project-related outreach and training.
  • Facilitating research, data collection and field programs. 
  • Proposals, physical and financial reporting to funders.
  • Advocate for and assist in the implementation of project capacity-building opportunities.
  • Managing and facilitating participant funding projects.