Environmental Technical Resource

As an Environmental Technical Resource, LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. has a decade of experience working in Ontario’s Far North completing environmental monitoring programs and engagement. LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. can conduct environmental field programs and assist First Nations and their partners to plan and implement environmental stewardship programs for their territories. 

Trust and transparency in environmental monitoring are increasingly important as pristine natural environments across the world are encroached by human activity. Based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. believes in protecting our plentiful but fragile freshwater resources. 

LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. can be an internal technical resource for a community looking to plan for developing water quality monitoring programs or, in a trainer-the-trainer role, to support staff performing in-community environmental monitoring programs. Alternatively, LBS Environment Consultant can assist consulting firms with traditional environmental monitoring field programs and technical reporting. 

As an Environmental Technical Resource, our goal is to provide trustworthy, third-party contract environmental monitoring services and support environmental stewardship programs. 

LBS Environmental Consulting Inc’s Environmental Technical Resource capabilities include:

Hydrogeological Investigations and Monitoring

  • Borehole Drilling and Monitoring Well Installations
  • Compliance Water Quality Monitoring and Regulatory Reporting
  • Hydrological Site Characterization
  • Impacted Groundwater Investigations

Environmental Assessment and Remediation

  • Spill Site Assessment and Remediation
  • Phase Environmental Site Assessments 
  • Remedial Action Plans and Site Remediation
  • Compliance Monitoring and Reporting

Data Management

  • Analytical Data
  • Indigenous Knowledge
  • Consultation Records
  • ArcGIS Pro