LBS Environmental Consulting’s goal as an Engagement and Consultation Specialist is to ensure accurate documentation of project-related communication for records of consultation and create unbiased scientific engagement materials that meaningfully inform communities of positive and negative project impacts and alternatives.

Consultation with Indigenous Communities is increasingly important, and Duty to Consult requirements increase with the complexity of a project. As an Engagement and Consultation Specialist, LBS Environmental Consulting can create outreach materials, plan and facilitate engagement events in remote communities, and maintain consultation records. LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. understands the need for robust and defensible documentation of engagement and feedback to support the procedural aspects of the Duty to Consult for both First Nations and proponents. 

Each consultation event is an opportunity for First Nations to assert and advocate for their Aboriginal Treaty Rights and Interests and advance their vision of reconciliation.  LBS Environmental Consulting can assist First Nations and their partners in engaging membership, creating outreach materials to solicit feedback, guiding project-specific indigenous knowledge programs, and preparing responses to proponents and regulators. 

Alternatively, LBS Environment Consulting can assist exploration, mining, and consultation firms in preparing meaningful engagement to inform First Nation about project activities, participating in meeting to ensure concepts are adequately communicated and understood, and maintaining records of consultation for permitting and assessments. 

LBS Environmental Consulting’s Consultation and Engagement Services include:

  • Maintaining Records of Consultation.
  • Creation of meaningful plain language engagement materials.
  • Creation of simple visuals of scientific concepts. 
  • Project newsletters. 
  • Assisting in the development of project messaging and comment responses. 
  • Preparing responses to proponents and regulators.
  • Overseeing protection and incorporation of Indigenous Knowledge into projects.