About LBS Consulting

LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. (LBS) was created out of the need to support and encourage Indigenous Community participation in industry and infrastructure development in Northwestern Ontario. A versatile technical resource, LBS Environmental Consulting provides First Nations or proponents to support engagement and environmental monitoring related to exploration, mining, and infrastructure development.

LBS brings a politically neutral perspective to a role traditionally performed by Tribal Councils to support First Nation interests, maximize meaningful benefits for communities, and protect the land, air, and water during project implementation. LBS plays a small but critical part in building a roadmap to prosperity by ensuring Indigenous concepts and technical information are property understood by the grassroots people, consultants, government, and proponents to facilitate well-informed decisions by all parties.

Currently, LBS is assisting Marten Falls First Nation on the Community Access Road Environmental Assessment Project and hopes to assist other Indigenous communities and proponents with future development projects in Northern Ontario.

Larissa Stevens, M.Sc. Geol., HBSc., President/Environmental Scientist

Larissa Stevens (formerly Larissa Mikkelsen) is an Entrepreneur, Environmental Scientist, and an Indigenous Engagement Specialist. President of LBS Environmental Consulting Inc., Larissa believes that building relationships, engaging in meaningful consultation, and capacity building with First Nation Communities are critical components to successful exploration, mineral and infrastructure development in Northwestern Ontario.

She is an experienced professional with a demonstrated portfolio of success in the environmental consulting industry. Larissa is a Geoscientist in Training registered in Ontario and holds a Masters Degree in Geology and an Honours Bachelor of Science in Water Resource Science from Lakehead University. She has ten years of professional experience managing and implementing environmental, hydrogeological, and compliance consulting for clients in Ontario.

Larissa is passionate about sharing her knowledge and working alongside First Nation communities in Northern Ontario. She is exceptionally well-versed in undertaking environment-related community engagement, environmental awareness, project management, coordination, and advisory services and has worked directly with numerous Indigenous communities over the last six years. Larissa’s vision for LBS Environmental Consulting Inc. is to provide strong support for First Nation participation in environmental processes and stewardship through technical coordination, advisory services and meaningful engagement. 

Larissa Mikkelsen, President, LBS Environmental Consulting Inc.